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Along with experiences gained whilst working for a German university and her realisations as coordinator for different European projects, Danièle Dugré has gained a solid expertise in all aspects of intercultural management. Furthermore, Mrs. Dugré has executed numerous mandates for more than a hundred enterprises, including the organisation of official delegations of ministers and companies for both the French and Canadian governments.
Finally, Mrs. Dugré has also implemented different companies networks in collaboration with various regional Chambers of Commerce. Her solid expertise and know-how, and her 25 years of experience here in Germany, make her the ideal advisor of choice for the strategic planning and introduction of new products onto the German market.


After completing her law studies, Claudine Gagnon acquired experience with different Canadian and German enterprises in the public relations and communication sector, as well as in a variety of regional economic development organisations.
Her different mandates - realised in Canada, France and Germany - have given her a strong expertise in international events organisation and coordination. In addition, Mrs. Gagnon has worked as Export Manager for France in a well-established German company of high quality products. Thanks to her unique work experience in different countries, Mrs. Gagnon brings to our agency a strong competence in both Sales and Customer Services.


Danièle Dugré

Alexanderstr. 26
D-90762 Fürth

Tel:        + 49 91 31 / 6 87 54 90
Fax:       + 49 91 31 / 6 87 54 91




Claudine Gagnon
Vice-President, Marketing and Communication

Agentur ISI
Claudine Gagnon
50933 Köln

Tel:  + 49 221 16 83 45 04

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